Choosing a Gate for Your Front Yard Fence

It may seem simple at first, but if you are considering getting a fence to border your front yard the numerous options can seem overwhelming. You can rely on our Austin residential fence company to have all the styles and resources you need to make the best decision. Once you have chosen the style, height and materials for your fence, the last step to consider is the gate. This may be a stumbling block for some home owners because there are a number of options to choose from.       Gates for Residential Driveways It seems like it would be easy to choose a gate that will Read More

Different Styles of Residential Fencing to Choose From

Residential fencing comes in a variety of styles, each with its own attributes when it comes to enhancing the look of your landscape, as well as providing you with privacy and security. Your new fence will also serve to mark the boundaries of your property and can be useful for containing pets and small children. If your home is part of a residential community, such as a Homeowner Association (HOA), you may be subject to certain rules regarding fence height, design and color.       Location of Residence Affects Fence Selection Environmental factors unique to your region Read More

Ways to Select Commercial Fencing

Fencing for your business will keep your property secure and your employees safe. There are extremely high quality styles to choose from including an entryway with a gate and an intercom system. When fencing is used for condominium complexes or apartment buildings it provides aesthetics, security, controls the access to people’s homes and prevents pets and children from simply running off.       The Protection   A tall poly-vinyl or security chain fence will protect your employees, property and equipment. These fences are easily installed and an incredibly sma Read More

Create Safer Access with Austin Electric Gates

Automatic gates control access to secured area. Electric gates in Austin provide an entrance for vehicles and plant facilities. Gates are used for interior areas, and to divide employee parking.           Mechanisms of an Automatic Gate Gate: The gate is the physical object moved to block openings. Modern gates are diversified in commercial applications and are made of ornamental iron or fencing material and are designed to match barriers adjacent to the gate installation. Gate Machinery: The gate access control is machinery that regulates the gat Read More

Which Automatic Gate To Choose for Installation?

Having an automatic gate allows the flow of traffic in and off premises. These gates provide security and style. Find the best option for you and your needs.   Styles of Automatic Gate Openers There is an endless array of styles for automatic entry gates in Austin, Texas. We fabricate the gates directly in our shop and use a variety of wood, chain link, ornamental iron, and other materials. The decorative style of auto entry gates varies according to your style and taste. No two gates have to be alike. We’ve added touches to each to make gates unique, depending on the client Read More

Overview of Chain Link Fencing for Residential and Commercial Properties

Chain link fencing is one of the most economical fence installations available in the Austin, Texas area. It is practical for both residential and commercial properties. Chain link fences are used in different applications, including keeping kids and pets inside the yard, protection against trespassers, ball fields, and more. Residential Chain Link Fencing Chain link for residences and commercial properties serves as a restrictive barrier to keep intruders out. This inexpensive style of fence acts as security to provide protection to the people and premises. Chain link is made of Read More

Wooden Fence Styles and Options for Residences

Wooden privacy fencing is a classy, traditional option for residential fencing in Austin, Texas. The wooden fence is a popular choice based on the protection and affordability. These fences keep unwanted visitors and animals from entering the yard and getting near the residence. The fence is tall enough to offer privacy to the residents of the home.        Styles and Options of Wooden Fences Wooden fences have a variety of designs. We have designs that include the traditional picket style. We also custom design fences to give you the look you want. We offer: Read More

The Different Styles of Entry Gates

Entry gates showcase style and security. These gates are used to provide entry and exit from a residential property. Located at the front of the driveway, they are controlled by electronic entry. Entry gates come in a variety of styles that allow homeowners to customize their choices.         Styles of Entry Gates The traditional entry gate is a horizontal rolling one or a swing arm gate. They are made of ornamental iron, wood, bamboo, and other materials. Ornamental iron gates are powder coated to provide a lasting finish, as compared to painted gate styl Read More

Add Beauty and Functionality to Your Home With Durable Wood Fencing

Fencing is a great way to add appeal to your home while also providing privacy, especially wood fences, which are loved for their rustic appeal. Wood fences are available in a variety of styles and functions, to suit just about any preference, and are usually more preferred over metal fences.   Wood Fence Designs Wood fences are available in a wide range of wood choices and styles, depending on your particular preference. The horizontal plank wood fence is a great way to celebrate the true aesthetics of wood and best compliments homes that embody a more rustic feel. In Read More

The Benefits And Uses Of Automatic Gates

One use for automatic gates is to control what vehicles are allowed into an area that has been secured. Manufacturing plants often use these gates to secure their main entrance and parking garages count on automatic gates for a separation of where employees and visitors park. For safety, even residences use these gates for driveway security. There are numerous options as to which gate will work best for your needs.     1. Gates For Entry Gates for entry usually have a lower height and are made of steel and sometimes glass as well. They work quite well in areas mea Read More


Choosing a Gate for Your Front Yard Fence
It may seem simple at first, but if
April 25, 2017
Different Styles of Residential Fencing to Choose From
Residential fencing comes in a varie
April 25, 2017
Ways to Select Commercial Fencing
Fencing for your business will keep
March 31, 2017


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