Why Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing Is The Best Option for Fence Installation

When you need fencing solutions, go for quality. You have a lot of options when it comes to fencing. The best option by far is to go with an ornamental wrought iron fence. Wrought iron is far superior to any other fencing material because it is built to last and requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking great. Because it is constructed of a heavy metal, it offers a secure and lasting option for your needs. Generally, it only requires a fresh coat of paint every few years to remain strong and looking new.Add Beauty and Security to your Property at the Same TimeOrnamental wroug Read More

6 Things that Go Into Pricing Automatic Gate Installation

If you are concerned that a security gate may be outside of your budget, here are a number of factors that will affect the cost of installing one.A manual gate costs the least, but requires that they be physically opened by someone in the home. They are often constructed with an intercom system. This may be the option for someone who will primarily be using the gate for privacy. An automatic gate is a more expensive option, but is more convenient. It operates via remote control, keypad or voice sensor. Automatic gates allow people to come and go without the homeowner having to be phys Read More

The Right Automatic Gate for You: Customizable Gate Operating Systems by Austin Automatic Gate Company

Capitol Fence is an Austin, Texas based automatic gate company. We will meet all your vehicular automatic gate needs for residential estate homes. Our customizable gates have multiple accessories that will ensure our gate meets all your specific needs. Through state-of the art technology and construction you can rest assured that our gate operator system will work flawlessly every time you need access to your property.Check Home Owner’s Association Guidelines Before InstallingMany Home Owner's Associations have strict guidelines for fencing with specific height, material, and c Read More

Guard Your Privacy and Security With A Solid Fence

Good Fencing Improves The Appearance of Your Entire PropertyFences don't have to be purely functional, depending on where it's located, you may want something decorative as well. For safety around the pool, or privacy from prying eyes, knowing your fence is professionally built promotes a feeling of security. Of all the material fencing can come from, wood tops them all in popularity.Don't Want A Clone of Your Neighbors Fence?Austin residential fencing contractors are easy to find. The hard part is making sure of the contractor before any arrangements are made. Capitol Fence Co Read More

Turn Your Yard Into an Ideal Outdoor Living Area With A Quality Privacy Fence

When it comes to the security of your property and your personal privacy, a privacy fence can be ideal. In addition to providing privacy from the outside world, and basic protection from interference, it also has the potential to raise property values and is ideal for keeping children or pets contained safely.Benefits of a Privacy FenceThere are numerous benefits to a well-built privacy fence. From providing heightened property values and privacy to acting as a deterrent against burglars or trespassers.Seclusion is one of the primary benefits of having a privacy fence installe Read More

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Chain Link Fencing

Most businesses have office space and need fencing for protection of equipment and items inside the office. Here’s 4 reasons why your business needs chain link fencing for your Austin, Texas commercial property.For Enhanced Security – The primary job of any good fences is to provide better security. Wooden privacy fences, thus, are great at keeping you safe from prying eyes but also provide cover for criminals as well. Any good commercial fence must limit access and allow you to see everything that happens on the other side of your fence as well. For Reduced Liability – Commer Read More

Make Sure Your Fence Withstands The Demands Of The Climate

Fencing plays a major role for many property owners in terms of creating a dedicated boundary, creating a sense of security, and providing privacy. A fence is an attractive feature that can be damaged or badly affected by heat and sunshine damaging all types of fencing from metal to wood and vinyl.There are many different styles of fencing with different materials used that can be seriously affected by weather conditions, including sunshine and rain that can alter the appearance and stability of any fence in a property installed by an Austin residential fencing company.Wood Materials Read More

Fence Installation Professionals VS DIY For Austin Residences

Though many people have always preferred to hire professionals to do their house improvement projects, did you know that it can be easy and fun to do these projects by yourself? Installing fences and building them can look like a simple task to many. However, though DIY projects can be fun and educative, hiring professionals is always the most preferred way of fencing your house. Here’s why.  Choosing Between DIY and an Austin Fence Installation CompanyIf you are stuck between choosing a professional fencing company or installing the fence by yourself, you should Read More

Residential Fencing Styles Offered in Austin

Our professionally designed fences are installed to meet any specifications you might have regarding the safety and privacy of your property. Whether you are concerned about adding value to your home or are looking for the right option to protect your children and pets in the yard, our options range across a variety of styles and materials. Any fencing done by us will comply with guidelines set by the homeowner's association when necessary and will conform to local codes at all times.   Fence Styles for Privacy Some of our fencing options are optimal choices for privacy Read More

The 8 Advantages of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are good for both residential and commercial properties. You can use chain fences to keep intruders away or protect sensitive buildings.                 Chain fences are popular for the following reasons:Low-cost fence: Chain links are inexpensive, so you need not break your bank to install a beautiful wall perimeter that safeguards your property, pets, and family. Low maintenance: Unlike wood or metal fences, chain fences require low maintenance meaning that you will not spend hundreds of dollars renovating your wall ev Read More


6 Things that Go Into Pricing Automatic Gate Installation
If you are concerned that a security g
October 27, 2017


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